Cube World Commands 2021

Cube world Commands 2021 – Full List of Active Commands

Once you visit this webpage, after that you don’t have to go anywhere anymore. You are searching for Cube world commands 2021 and we have listed here the full list of all the active and valid Cube world commands. Use these commands given below and enjoy your gaming by getting free gifts & rewards.


Remember one thing that we do not create codes or commands. We just collect the codes or commands from the internet and try them to check that they are working or not, after that, we have arranged here all the active codes only for you. Do not go anywhere, our main motive is saving your time. Furthermore, stay connected with us, we can update these codes at least one time a week.

Full list of Active Cube world commands 2021

Below we have listed working Cube world commands that you can redeem in the game to get exciting rewards and items…

List Of Valid Commands & Codes

Cube world Console Commands:

  • /say X

This command is used to Message to all players (Where “X” is the Message to send)

  • /who

Moreover, by applying this command you can check the list of connected players

  • /whowhere

This command is useful to check the list of connected players with their locations

  • /whereis nameoftheplayer

Apply this to Cube world Console Commands Locate a player

  • /whereis

However, if you want to Locate yourself, then apply this command

  • /kick X

Want to Kick a player, apply this console command (Where “X” is the name of the player or the player id)

  • /ban X Y

Apply this command to Ban a player (Where “X” is the name of the player or the player id, and “Y” is the reason. You can simply)

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Slash Commands for Emote:-

  • /dance

Use this command in the game for Dance Emote

  • /pet

For the pet emote, apply this command

  • /sit

This command for Sit Emote

  • /wave

Moreover, apply this command for Wave Emote

  • /pvp

PvP Fight (This command useful only when both players have to use this console command

  • /name newname

If you want to change your in the game then just apply this command

  • /connect X

Apply this command for Connect to a server (Where X is the server address)

  • /disconnect

Use this command to Disconnect from the current server

More Working Cube world Console Commands

  •  /unban X

Want to Unban a player, just apply this command ( Where you have to use the IP address of the player at the place of  “X”

  • /kill X

Just apply this command and Kill a player (In this command “X” is the name of the player or the player id)

  • /stun X Y

Moreover, by applying this command Stun a player ( you have to enter the name of the player or the player id at the place of “X”, and “Y” the duration, The duration is specified in milliseconds, so if you want to stun a player for 2 seconds, type 2,000 instead of Y)

  • /heal X Y

Apply this command and Heal a player (Use the name of the player or the player id instead of “X”, and at the place of “Y” use the amount of HP to restore)

  • /setclock X

Want to set your clock in the game, then just apply this command to Set Time (In this command “X” is world time, format example = “16:44”)

  • /namepet newname 

Similarly, this command is useful to change your pet name (visit the Pets & Food guide)


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Cube World is free or not?

If you have a question that Cube World is free or not then the answer is no. 

What is the space the Cube World needs to play?

You need 500 MB of free space to play this game.

What we do to get the Cube World Key on Steam?

To get the Cube World Key on the Stem then you need to follow the following steps below:

  • First of all, you need to visit the official website of Cube World that is 
  • Then look for the My Games link that is on the top of the page.
  • In the end, Click on that button that says  Steam key on it.


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Cube World Game – Overview

This game is developed by Picroma and it is a voxel-based role-playing game. Cube World game is inspired by many games like Monster Hunter, World of Warcraft, Minecraft, and much more popular game.

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