Metro Exodus Console Commands

Metro Exodus Console Commands – Full List of Active Cheats & Console Commands

You are searching for Metro exodus console commands 2021 and we have listed here the full list of all the active and valid Metro Exodus Console Commands. Use these commands given below and enjoy your gaming by getting free gifts & rewards.


Remember one thing that we do not create codes or commands. We just collect the codes or commands from the internet and try them to check that they are working or not, after that, we have arranged here all the active codes only for you. Do not go anywhere, our main motive is saving your time.

Full List of Active Metro Exodus console commands

Below we have listed working Metro exodus commands that you can redeem in the game to get exciting rewards and items…

List of Vali Metro exodus commands – Map Names

  • m3\12_valley 

Open The Taiga map by using this command

  • m3\12_autumn

This console command will  get you in the Autumn map

  • 3\13_deadcity

The Dead City map is accessible by applying this command 

  • m3\14_outro FINALE

Finale” to play this map by applying the above command.

  • m3\08_desert

The Caspian map is also accessible after applying this command

  • m3\08_summer 

Similarly, you can also play in Summer map after applying the above command

  • m3\000

Main Menu will open if use this command

  • m3\01_dead_moscow

Moreover, you can also play the Moscow map by applying the above command

  • m3\05_winter

If you want to play in Winter map, just apply this command

  • m3\06_bridge

The Volga map is also accessible by applying this command

  • m3\06_spring

Spring map you can access after using this command

  • m3\07_yamantau

Moreover, if you want to play in the Yamantau map, just apply the above command


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More Metro exodus console commands – 2021

  • g_disable_hud_scale_coll

This command Sets weapon scale while colliding with objects

  • hud_scale_type

When you apply for this command Pre-set weapon position on the screen. Use values from 0 to 5

  • weapon_count

Moreover, by applying this console command you can Reduce or Increase weapon slots. You can also use values from 1 to 3. Re-enter value after reverting checkpoint

  • enable_backpack_craft

By using this command you can Enables/disables backpack ability to craft Medkits, Filters, Ammo and Throwables

  • enable_costumes_craft

Apply this command to Enables/disables workbench ability to change suit upgrades

  • ngp_sneaky_combat

With this command, you can Reduce character-to-character visual combat against each other.

  • joy_sens_y_scale

Moreover, by applying this command you Changes the controller pitch sensitivity scale since there is no other way of changing it

  • disconnect

Apply this command to Stops 4A Engine from everything being used, then use the command “map” to load any map

  • g_player_speed_scale

Furthermore, this command will help you to Changes the player walk/speed/sprint scales

  • ngp_backpack_limit

Crafting in the backpack is disabled, you must only use a workbench.


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Metro Exodus Game – Overview

This is the first-person shooter game and this fantastic game is developed by the 4A Games. Metro Exodus is a horror game and it takes 15 hours to complete its main mission in normal difficulty level. If you set is the difficulty high then it takes a longer time to complete the mission.



How do I Enable Metro Exodus Console Commands

  • The first step is to launch the steam and start the valve game.
  • After that in the main menu select the option.
  • Now select the keyboard tab and click on the advanced button.
  • Then check the box for enabling the developer console and click on apply.

What is the use of console commands?

With the help of console commands, you can add a wide range of functionality to the game. These commands are available for the PC player only.

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