Tapping Zones Codes

Are you looking for the latest Roblox Tapping Zones Codes? You came to the right place. Because here you will find all the working Roblox Tapping Zones cheats that you can redeem and get an exciting reward, gifts, free, and much more in the game.


Full List Of Active Roblox Tapping Zones Codes 2021

The below list provides you with all working codes with their reward descriptions. Copy the codes right here and paste them into the redeem box and enjoy your game.

List Of Valid Secret Codes


While you redeem this code you will get a Free Pet in this game


Redeem this code for 5 minutes of 2x Taps


Moreover, Redeem code for a Squid Game Pet

There are only these codes are active right now for this game. The Game is still in development mode, So Stay connected with us we will surely update this list whenever we found any working code.


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How to Redeem Roblox Tapping Zones Codes?

It is quite similar to redeem Roblox Tapping Zones Codes like other Roblox game codes.

First of all, look for the “Setting” button that is available on the lower left side of the screen, then click on the icon.

Now, a popup will appear on your screen in which you have an option to enter your code.

After that, pick a code from this page and go back to the game and Enter your code and click on the “Submit” or “Redeem” button.


Game Passes:-

There are seven game passes are available for this game in the game store that you can buy by spending a few Robux…

  • Auto Egg Opener: You can buy this pass with 199 Robux.

  • +250 Pet Inventory: To get this game pass you have to spend 299 Robux.

  • +5 Pets Equipped: To get this game pass you have to spend 499 Robux.

  • x2 Speed: To get this game pass you have to spend 99 Robux.

  • Autoclicker: To get this game pass you have to spend 149 Robux.

  • x2 Taps: To get this game pass you have to spend 299 Robux.

  • x2 Gems: You can buy this pass with 299 Robux.

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